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Your first year with a light show can be overwhelming, especially if it's already later in the fall. There are so many different types of...

$40 USD

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

All refunds are on a case by case basis. The system records when you view a lesson inside of the course(s) you purchased. If you are requesting a refund after two weeks and you've already viewed the courses multiple times, you will probably be denied. If you request a refund after 3 days and have only viewed 1 lesson in the course, or none of the lessons, you'll probably get a refund. We're always working to improve the courses offered. If you don't like what you get we encourage you to contact us ASAP and let us know so that we can look into what improvements might be needed. We know it's cliche, but if you're rude to use when requesting a refund, we'll probably be less willing to work with you. We're human, just like you. for refund requests.

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