"First Year - Start Here"

Your first year with a light show can be overwhelming, especially if it's already later in the fall. There are so many different types of hardware to research and software terms and tools to learn, that it can seem like an impossible feat to create a light show in time for this year.

The "First Year - Start Here" course, a collaboration by Light-O-Rama partner companies Synchronized Christmas and Luminous Harmony, turns all of the options and information into a step-by-step guide for your first year with a Light-O-Rama powered show. In our seven main Modules, we'll walk through the process of creating a light show from "Those light show videos online are cool, I want to do that" to "There's a light show playing outside on my house right now." No more need to sort through all of the information the internet has to offer - we've condensed everything you need to know into video content and optional "test your knowledge" quizzes created exclusively for this course.

After completing all of the Modules in the First-Year start course, you will have the foundational knowledge to create a light show with traditional incandescent or LED Christmas Lights, which is standard for a layout in your first year. We will not be covering RGB Pixels in this course as they require more advanced technical knowledge and configuration.

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8 Lessons

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8 Lessons in "First Year - Start Here" :

Module 1: Vocabulary and High Level Overview

To learn common terms and definitions used in the light show industry, as well as information about the Light-O-Rama system as a whole that will be explained in further detail throughout the Modules in this course.

Module 2: Display Decisions: Budget, Sequencing, Control and Time

To make four major decisions about your display before you begin planning your layout or ordering equipment.

Module 3: Planning Your Layout and Creating Your Preview

To plan your layout and build a complete preview in Light-O-Rama S5.

Module 4: Purchasing Hardware

To learn about the different hardware options so that you can purchase the necessary equipment for your display.

Module 5: Purchasing Software

To learn about the different software license options and which one you'll need for your display,

Module 6: Connecting Your Light-O-Rama System

To learn how to set Unit IDs for CTB16PC controllers, and connect your system in preparation for opening night,

Module 7: Scheduling Your Shows

To learn how to schedule your shows, either with a computer or a Showtime Director.

Bonus Module: Intro to Sequencing

To learn the fundamentals of AC channel sequencing effects and the toolbar options in the Light-O-Rama Sequencer.