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You've found the home for all courses offered by The Synchronized Group. Here you will find courses that were created by Forex Secrets Unleashed, Synchronized Christmas and Synchronized Hosting.

As of June 05, 2020, we have only 1 course available; S5 Webinar Replays.

We are always working on new course ideas, and hope to have more Christmas related courses before the end of 2020. Also planned are courses for our Forex Secrets Unleashed business, and Web Hosting business.

You may sign up for an account for free. All course are sold individually.

Courses in this Program:

Lessons in The S5 Webinars:

  1. 1 Intro Webinar

    Objective: Basic Intro Webinar. Many different items discussed

  2. 2 Preview Imports

    Objective: S5 Preview Imports and Best Practices

  3. 3 Programming Basics

    Objective: Explore music theory, and how it relates to programming.

  4. 4 More Programming Techniques

    Objective: More programming and a special guest.

  5. 5 Matt Brown Interview

    Objective: Question and Answer session with Matt Brown

  6. 6 Full Run Through

    Objective: Setting up a display, and programming it.

  7. 7 Preview File Download

    Objective: Preview File used in Webinar

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